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Karlijn Sas | Satinwood

This exhibit shows watercolour ink on paper by Apollo Bay resident Karlijn Sas, who has been exhibiting in the Otways for the last three years and recently got selected for the Womens Day Art Prize. Inspired by the Otways, with it's bright colours ranging from the ocean to the forest. These artworks are made on Sunday afternoons on sunny back decks. Because of the technique and framing, it makes for affordable but original art. The exhibit is on from 10am until 4pm on the 19th and 20th of October, during most of this time there will also be a watercolour workshop taking place in the gallery, pop in to see the artworks and peek over the shoulders of the students to see how they are doing!

Karlijn Sas was born in the Netherlands, and studied to be a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Amsterdam. After she finished her bachelors she moved to Belgium to get her Masters degree in 2013 in Belgium at the University of Leuven. She worked in the arts field as a curator of visual arts exhibitions and as a programmer for art house film. She prefers art that offers the viewer the freedom to interpret. Most of her works come from a specific place or topic that will get pasted onto the canvas in multiple coats. Karlijn moved to Australia in 2014 and runs the social enterprise of he Conservation Ecology Centre, raising funds for conservation in the Otways. Living in a natural environment greatly influences her painting practice.

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