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Digital Works on Paper

Date:   11/03/23 to 13/03/23


Artist: Chris Tuttle

Chris Tuttle works principally with digital image-making techniques, producing images that document a passion for exploring the improbable terrain of the imagination. The exhibition ‘Digital Works on Paper’ presents a selection of digital collages that sit at a threshold point between what might have been and what is to be. They are moments of time brought into the now as still-frames wrestled from the continuous cinema of the imagination.


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Title to be announced

Date:   9/06/23 to 12/06/23 

Artist: Karlijn Sas

EBB a group exhibition by local artists 17,18,19 FEB (3).jpg

Ebb : A Taste of The Bay

an Apollo Bay Seafood Festival event


Date:   17/02/23 to 19/01/23

A group exhibition by 14 local artists across many mediums and styles including oil, acrylic and watercolour painting, mixed media, photography, sculpture and mosaic. The scope is wide, but everything speaks of the ocean. 


All works are for sale, with something for everyone's budget.  

Helen Bender.jpeg

CHROMA : Works in Colour

Date:   20/09/23 to 27/09/23

Artist: Helen Bender

Julian Bruere Painting 1
Julian Bruere Painting 1

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Mary Hyde Painting 1
Mary Hyde Painting 1

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Ray Wilson Painting 1
Ray Wilson Painting 1

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Julian Bruere Painting 1
Julian Bruere Painting 1

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Title to be announced

Date:   22/11/23 to 13/12/23


Artists: Mark Balgally, Julian Bruere, Mary Hyde and Ray Wilson.

Works include both oil and watercolour, painted in the impressionist style, predominantly marine and coastal themes, many depicting the Great Ocean Road and various marine subjects from around the Surf Coast and Colac Otway Shires. The exhibition will also include a number of painting demonstrations. 


Stories of Land and Sea - postcard, front.jpg

Stories of Land and Sea

Date:   18/01/23 to 24/1/23

Artists: Jo Dunsmuir and Michelle Harvey

Michelle and Jo are emerging artists, Jo based in Apollo Bay, Michelle in Melbourne via Wagga. Jo is a salt water woman, Michelle a fresh water woman, together they have a strong love of land and seascape.Their exhibition of paintings explore the connection to special places and times, and the stories and memories they carry.



Date:    5/1/23 to 17/1/23


Artists: A group of Otways artists who meet weekly in Forrest, collaborating on a theme over the course of 12 months. The artists are peer-led and are currently exploring a variety of mediums around the theme "FIRE". This exhibition is a precursor to their final show in Forrest, Winter 2023. 


Friday 6 January 5 - 7pm. ALL WELCOME. 


Light by Love

Date:   1/12/22 to 28/12/22 


Artist: Jessie Martinovic

Light is about photography and photography is about Light. This is a series of photographs taken from 2021 - 2022
using Phone cameras. Love is the main theme.

Inspired By The Ocean

Date:   29/12/22 to 3/1/23


Artists: Michelle Fillmore and John Langmead. 

Abstract images and photographs by local artists and swimmers, Michelle Fillmore and John Langmead. Works include fine definition photos of the Otways and coast, acrylic pouring and resin art.

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