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Date:   25/11/23 to 10/12/23


Artists: Ray Wilson and Jennifer Baxter

Celebrating "light and Colour" including images of Apollo Bay and surrounds.


Ray's tonal impressionist works are beautifully complemented by Jenny's expressive loose landscapes. 

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SUBMERGED Ceramics Exhibition

Date:   15/12/23 to 18/12/23

OPENING DRINKS: Friday 15th, 5 pm to 7 pm

DEMONSTRATION: Saturday 16 December 11 am

Artists: Apollo Bay Pottery Club 

Bringing together the works created by the newly formed Apollo Bay Pottery Club members.

"We are often submerged in our work and our life, and at times we need to literally take a step back and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and community with gratitude. This is what the pottery club has begun to provide for our community - a space to breathe, let go and reflect."

Our Ocean.jpg


Date:   28/12/23 to 03/01/24

Artists: Danni Sandford and Michelle Fillmore

"Our Ocean" explores Danni and Michelle’s interpretation of their coastal life and their love for the ocean. Both women are local ocean swimmers and have an intimate relationship with our local coast.  Local areas are highlighted in some of their paintings. 


Danni Sandford uses mixed mediums which include acrylics, crayons and pastels to create bright, colourful paintings. Michelle Fillmore uses acrylic paint/pours, resin, sand and recycled materials to create vibrant paintings and functional art. 

in all weather.jpg


Date:   18/01/24 to 24/01/24

Artists: Jo Dunsmuir and Michelle Harvey

Artists Michelle Harvey and Jo Dunsmuir present an exhibition of paintings exploring the theme of weather and light.

From bright summer sun and storm-laden skies painted from reality and memory to the effect of clear light on creating shadows in still life arrangements.

This exhibition is an emotional response to the light that inspires the work of Jo and Michelle. 



Date:   25/01/24 to 29/01/24

Artists: Suzette Jackson and Chantal Vincent

IMMERSION: 'the mental state of immersing oneself in our environment, the Australian coastline and the sea’.


Suzette and Chantal are sisters living and working on the Australian coastline. This exhibition reflects their relationship to coastal environments, including bio-based forms, totems and seascapes. They explore their relationship to the land and the places we call home.



Works include oil paintings, watercolours, ceramics and sculpture.

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