Winter Wild

July 29 to Sept 2

Open Call

The Development Lab are seeking expressions of interest for the first Winter Wild artist in residence. The successful applicant will occupy the Arts Inc. gallery in Apollo Bay for the month of August.

The space will function as an open studio/gallery/workshop for the development of new work across multiple platforms and will be open to the public for the duration of the residency.

Possible areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

Durational performance/ Intervention/ Installation/ Radiophonic/ Sound/ Video/ Text/ Community action/ Improvisation/ Research/ Experimentation.

The resulting material will be included in the WinterWild program and documented on The Development Lab website.
Accomodation for the month will be provided by Winter Wild along with access to The Project Space and unlimited consultation with TDL members.

*PLEASE NOTE* we are more interested in alternative/hybrid modes of production than fixed outcomes. Applications now open via @the_development_lab bio link

Sarah Doyle

Cup weekend 8 November 2021


Jo Dunsmuir & Michelle Harvey exhibit

Coasting celebrates all the ways the coast and it's way of life inspires the work of Victorian artists Jo Dunsmuir and Michelle Harvey, from windswept landscapes to abstracted rock pools.


Working predominantly in acrylic and mixed media, the body of work includes canvas and framed pieces ready to hang, as well as a display of nautical inspired objects.