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Natural Abstractions 

Date: December 30, 31 & January 1,2,3

Artist: David Simmonds, Sandra Curtis and Wendy Warren

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6th -18th Jan 2022

10 am to 4 pm 

Studio Forrest 

We are a group of ten artists who have been focused on the theme of seed throughout 2021. Studio Forrest offers an opportunity for artists and creatives to expand on this theme through individual and collaborative artworks. Our weekly sessions are peer led and provide a space to explore and extend different mediums and processes in a supportive encouraging environment.


This year we have worked on sculptures with seeds and wire, encaustic forms, pastel, portraiture using seeds, and created artworks which explore the relationships of ourselves to seeds and memory.


Works are inspired by but not dictated to by the theme. We promote the cohesion of our group via collaborative works and exhibitions. Personal interpretation and exploration within the theme is encouraged.Through the group exloring themes and ideas the work of individual artists is enhanced expanded or "Seeded".

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Jo Dunsmuir & Michelle Harvey exhibit

Jan 19  to 26

Coasting celebrates all the ways the coast and it's way of life inspires the work of Victorian artists Jo Dunsmuir and Michelle Harvey, from windswept landscapes to abstracted rock pools.


Working predominantly in acrylic and mixed media, the body of work includes canvas and framed pieces ready to hang, as well as a display of nautical inspired objects.


Artist: Deb Gartland and Jan Verouden

Dates: 27 th Jan to 9 th Feb

Fantasy compilation photography by Deb Gartland - using components from multiple images to create new
surreal worlds. Lost wax by Jan Verouden creating cast crystal sculptural works creating imaginary 3D

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