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Apollo Bay Arts Inc. Gallery encourages and supports local and emerging artists by providing a quality, accessible and affordable gallery space.


Rental fees remain as low as possible at $100 per week ($150 in peak times and public holidays). A 10% contribution of the total sales is charged to help contribute to the costs of this volunteer-run space and overheads of Mech Hall. The application process aims to ensure that exhibited work is of a professional standard. Bookings are only confirmed up to ten months in advance. 

There are two main categories of exhibitions: self-managed; and Arts Inc. run:

Self-Managed Exhibitions

Individual artists, art groups or curators can apply to use the Gallery Space for Self-Managed Shows. 


Exhibitors are responsible for printed advertising, setting up, openings, staffing and sales for their own exhibitions. Arts Inc.'s involvement is limited to supervision of hanging, general guidance and support, assistance with electronic publicity and an email mailing list.


The Gallery must be open on weekends between 11 am – 4 pm as a minimum. Extra hours are at the discretion of the artist. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to staff the Gallery during gallery hours. There is a refundable security deposit of $100 and exhibitors are requested to pay 10%  on all sales following your show.

See the Application, Guidelines and Code of Conduct links :

Arts Inc. - Run Exhibitions

Group Shows are encouraged in peak periods. Those curated and run by Apollo Bay Arts require participating artists to staff the gallery on a roster basis. These exhibitions are generally held on the Melbourne Cup (unofficial) long weekend and at other times between self-managed exhibitions. Each participating artist is required to contribute a fee to cover costs and pay 10% on sales if they help sit the space or 20% otherwise.


UPCOMING: Please enquire if you are interested in being part of the next Arts Inc. group exhibition Melbourne Cup Week 2024.  This group exhibition is open to all artists of Apollo Bay and the surrounding Otways region. Artists are invited to contribute to our group show, responding to the word 'LIFE' as the theme. 

        Works can include any form of visual art and any interpretation of the theme that resonates.

CONTACT: If you have read through the information and forms attached below and still need some clarification, please email us at

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