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‘A beautiful, uplifting exhibition that speaks to the grace and dignity of humanity.’

‘MIRRORS OF REFLECTION’ is a sensitive and uplifting exhibition, addressing a human rights issue that has led to political divide and deep community concern.

“Art has the power to open minds, touch hearts and challenge beliefs”, said Sue Longmore, one of the three artists from Queenscliff RAR.

‘In the mirror, we find a reflection of our appearance;

But in the heart, we find a reflection of our soul.’

Step into a chamber of reflections, gentle music, shimmering lights and artworks and experience this thought-provoking exhibition. Combining paintings, mirrors, sculpture, fibre, graphics and text, ‘Mirrors of Reflection’ challenges us to reflect on our humanity towards people seeking asylum.

Created by artists from Queenscliff Rural Australians for Refugees, the exhibition is proudly hosted in Apollo Bay by sister organisation ABRAR.

“We are very fortunate to be able to host this memorable and uplifting exhibition, and invite members of our local community and visitors to Apollo Bay to share in its beauty”

said ABRAR spokesperson Ali Corke.

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